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Extension of the Opportunity for Visitors to Apply for a Work Permit from Within Canada

On February 28, 2023, the Government of Canada announced a 2-year extension of the temporary measure that allows foreign nationals who are in Canada as visitors to continue to apply for and receive a work permit following the receipt of a valid job offer without having to leave the country. Furthermore, visitors who apply under this public policy and who held a work permit in the last 12 months can also continue to apply for temporary work authorization by following the complete special instructions for obtaining temporary work authorization available on the Government of Canada's website at the following address:

Applicants wishing to benefit from this temporary public policy must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid status as visitors in Canada on the day of their application;

  • Submit an employer-specific work permit application no later than February 28, 2025;

  • Meet all other standard eligibility criteria.

The extension of this temporary public policy will simplify the work permit application process for all visitors wishing to work in the country.


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