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Finding a Job in Canada as a Newcomer

Arriving in Canada and finding a job can be challenging. However, there are several strategies you can employ to enhance your chances of quickly securing employment.

MTL LAWYERS offers some tips to aid your job search.

1. Create a Tailored Resume

Ensure your resume meets Canadian standards. Norms and expectations can vary across different countries or regions. Highlight your relevant skills and experience that could facilitate your integration and meet the needs of potential employers.

For Quebec, there are several resources available to help you draft your resume, including the government's site:

2. Utilize Employment Agency Resources

Employment agencies are invaluable resources for immigrant workers. They can assist with job searches, provide training, and offer advice on the Canadian job market. Here are some of these agencies:


Employment Ontario

WorkBC British Columbia

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills

Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services

Employment Manitoba

Francophone Employment Centre

Centre for Education and Training

3. Networking

Networking is a key element in job searching. Be active on professional social networks like LinkedIn. Connecting with professionals and groups in your field can offer insights into companies and opportunities available. Attending professional events or job fairs can also help you meet potential employers in person.

4. Send Unsolicited Applications

Don't hesitate to send your resumes to companies of interest. Also, don't limit yourself to one particular company, but broaden your search to include businesses related to your field of work.

5. Use Online Job Sites

Several online job sites are available for job seekers. Here are some popular job sites in Canada:

Note that job offers on these sites can attract many applications, meaning you need to be competitive and well-prepared to secure the desired job.

In summary, it is possible to find a job in Canada as a newcomer by utilizing these five job search approaches. Endure and do not be afraid to take steps; determination is key. However, job searching can take time. Therefore, be patient and stay persistent in order to achieve your goal.


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