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The Return of the IRCC'Parents s and Grandparents Program Lottery

From October 10 to October 23, 2023, the federal government will invite 25,000 individuals to apply for family reunification under the Parents and Grandparents Program, and among these 25,000 people, IRCC plans to select 15,000 applications.

One of the issues raised by this announcement is the fact that the Immigration Department has not accepted new interest forms since 2020. Therefore, it is not possible for newcomers and those who arrived after 2020 to apply for this program. Moreover, it is important to note that not all of the 25,000 invited individuals will be selected.

IRCC spokesperson Isabelle Dubois indicated that IRCC aims to catch up on the list of 200,000 potential sponsors who expressed their interest in 2020 and that from the list of 200,000 individuals who expressed their interest in 2020, 132,000 remain.

The IRCC spokesperson also confirms that the department will only evaluate the potential sponsors' incomes for the fiscal years 2020-2022.

The return of the IRCC's Parents and Grandparents Program lottery continues to cause dissatisfaction due to its restrictions and the limited number of applications selected. This situation is consistent with the lottery's history since even in 2020 and 2017, the program operated through the submission of an online interest form within a limited timeframe, with a very limited selection of potential candidates.

The reopening of the IRCC's Parents and Grandparents Program lottery remains flawed, but there is still potential for it to become more inclusive for newcomers.


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