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Our firm supports you in your company formation project.


Each company is unique, and each of our clients is unique as well. Therefore, we offer more than just a simple "copy-paste" of incorporation documents. Our role is not to fill out or provide you with a pre-established form but to advise you in your choices.


As lawyers, we provide you with the best advice based on the type of commercial activity you wish to engage in, the number of shareholders involved in your project, and considering a multitude of other factors (financing, commercial lease, etc.).


Company Formation


commercial Law

Our firm supports and advises you in your business relationships, whether with your shareholders, clients, or suppliers.


We advise on drafting essential documents within your company:

-Shareholders' agreement: strongly recommended or even mandatory in some cases, the shareholders' agreement establishes certain elements such as the salaries and dividends received by each shareholder, the distribution of profits or losses, a non-competition clause, etc.

-Unanimous shareholders' agreement: an agreement that restricts certain powers of the company's directors and allows shareholders to assume or control the exercise of these powers themselves.

-Share purchase agreement


We also assist in drafting various contracts with your partners, such as:

-Service contract

-Commercial partnership contract


Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act stipulates that bankruptcy can result from a creditor's initiative against its debtor (forced bankruptcy), or from the debtor filing an act of assignment of assets (voluntary bankruptcy).


There are means to prevent a debtor from unwillingly becoming bankrupt: the concordat (also known as a proposal to creditors). In some cases and under certain conditions, a debtor can present a proposal to their creditors asking for time to settle their debts. They are thus placed under the protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act during the preparation of the proposal (which can last up to 5 months).


One of the advantages of the bankruptcy process for the debtor is that creditors are required to suspend their individual actions. Each creditor is, in some cases, forced to abandon proceedings initiated against the bankrupt.


The purpose of bankruptcy is to liquidate the debtor's assets to pay the creditors. This is the main role of the bankruptcy trustee, who also acts as a representative of the creditors, working to protect their interests.


Discover our other services


Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Cybersecurity is an important issue in Canada and Quebec, primarily for SMEs. Our firm supports you in complying with current regulations and protecting you against cyber threats.


International Mobility

Immigrating to Canada requires significant and meticulous preparation, regardless of the chosen immigration type (work, study, etc.).

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