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Lawyer's fees are the cost that litigants must pay to have their rights recognized or defended. This also includes consultations with the lawyer.

The amount of fees and expenses a lawyer may claim from a client must correspond to the value of the services they have provided. In this respect, Article 102 of the Lawyers' Code of Ethics states: "Fees are fair and reasonable if they are justified by the circumstances and proportionate to the professional services rendered.

The lawyer takes into account the following factors when setting their fees:

1- Experience.

2- The time and effort required and devoted to the case.

3- The complexity of the case.

4- The importance of the case to the client.

5- The responsibility assumed.

6- The provision of unusual professional services or requiring special skill or exceptional speed.

7- The outcome achieved.

8- Fees stipulated by law or regulations.

9- Expenses, fees, commissions, rebates, costs, or other benefits that are or will be paid by a third party in relation to the mandate entrusted to the lawyer by the client."


Whether in the office, by phone, or via video conference, we will take the necessary time to guide you in your choice and answer the questions that lead you to contact us. If your issues and inquiries require it, a more in-depth study will be necessary to provide you with the adequate and precise answers you expect from advice.

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Fees are set in three different ways:


1. Flat Rate

Agreeing on a total amount that will be paid by the client to the lawyer for completing their mandate. The fees will thus be established by the lawyer in agreement with the client based on the case.

2. Hourly Rate

The most frequently used method, billing the client based on the number of hours the lawyer dedicates to the case (including time spent on phone conversations and correspondence). The lawyer must have set the hourly rate before starting work.

3. Percentage-Based Remuneration

The lawyer agrees to be paid based on a percentage of the sum a client may receive in a case. However, an agreement must be made in case the client receives no money. This agreement may stipulate that the lawyer will be paid based on merit, at an hourly rate, or that only disbursements will be billed. Percentage-based remuneration is often associated with damage claims. In some cases, it is possible to agree on two or more billing methods, each method being applied according to the result obtained or the progress of the case.

Regardless of the billing method agreed upon, the lawyer may request advances on fees before starting work and as your case progresses.


In all cases, our firm will establish a mandate and fee agreement with you to precisely define our mission and ensure complete transparency regarding the amount of the fees. The trust our clients place in our firm is based in part on transparency in terms of fees.


We also offer business packages useful from the creation to the dissolution of the company.

Our services

Our activities revolve around 3 areas of expertise


Business Law

Our expertise will be invaluable at all stages of your company's lifecycle, from incorporation to dissolution and, if necessary, bankruptcy.


International Mobility

Immigrating to Canada requires significant and careful preparation, regardless of the type of immigration chosen (work, study, etc.).


Mobilité internationale

Immigrer au Canada demande une préparation importante et minutieuse, quel que soit le type d’immigration choisie (travail, étude, etc…).

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