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Nova Scotia seeks to court French-speaking immigrants

In 2022, Nova Scotia reached a new record of Francophone immigrants with the arrival of 795 Francophone immigrants. According to Marie-Claude Rioux, the Executive Director of the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia, this number is expected to continue to increase, and the Canadian government must respect and increase these targets of 4.4% Francophone immigrants for Canadian provinces (excluding the province of Quebec).

Francophone immigration for Canadian provinces outside Quebec is estimated at over 16,000 for the year 2022. This number has the potential to increase, as mentioned by Ms. Rioux, considering the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia's desire to increase this number as well as the implementation of action plans like the one from the province of Nova Scotia titled: "Growth of Nova Scotia's Francophone Population – An Action Plan for Success (2022-2025)" which will focus efforts on the following points:

  • Increasing the mobilization of communities and partners;

  • Promotion and attraction;

  • The population growth program;

  • Integration and inclusion through settlement services;

  • Research and program evaluation.

This provides more possibilities and opportunities for future Francophone arrivals from all over the world.

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