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Transitional Open Work Permit in Quebec: Summer 2021 Update

Starting August 31, 2021, temporary residents in Quebec awaiting their permanent residency will FINALLY be eligible for the Transitional Open Work Permit (TOWP), like other resident workers in other provinces of Canada.

This open work permit allows certain temporary foreign workers residing in Quebec to take up any job of their choice in Quebec while waiting to obtain their permanent residency.

The work permit will initially be valid for 24 months and could be renewed for an additional 12-month period.

However, to be eligible for the Transitional Open Work Permit, these workers must:

hold a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) in the skilled worker category

have received a regular acknowledgment of receipt for their permanent residency application from the federal government.

This last condition is important. Unlike the closed work permit known as A75, which can be obtained without having an acknowledgment of receipt for the permanent residency application, the TOWP cannot be applied for with just the CSQ. You must have the acknowledgment of receipt for your permanent residency application.

Some see this as a significant advancement for foreign workers in Quebec, especially the many foreigners who have been waiting for several months (or even years) for their permanent residency. Indeed, we think this is very good news for those who have been in Quebec for several years waiting for their permanent residency.

Others see it simply as the end of the closed permit known as A75, particularly because of the flexibility of the TOWP (open permit) compared to the A75 permit (employer-specific closed permit). However, it's worth noting that the A75 permit can be obtained without the acknowledgment of receipt for the permanent residency application (which can take more than 6 months to arrive). Many will therefore continue to opt for the A75 permit while waiting for the acknowledgment of receipt for the RP application.

The A75 permit, it seems, still has a bright future ahead, alongside the much-awaited TOWP in Quebec.

Do not hesitate to consult our international mobility page and contact us.


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